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To whoever reads this, I did not know when I signed up to become a fundraiser that I could raise $1,000 for Homeboy in 24 hours. But Rallybound literally made it so easy that it just happened.

I wanted to share my experience with you because with 30 minutes of effort you might be able to do the same thing.


STEP 1 - Create my Rallybound Page – Hour 1 -

  1. Logging into Rallybound and clicking on MY HQ under my name brought up this site.

  1. I then set a goal of $500 and funded the first half with my own donation of $250 which allowed me to ask friends to join me in supporting.
  2. I then went down the list to the right and clicked on every button and did what it said.
  1. When it came to emailing, here’s what I did:
  • I imported a lot of contacts into Rallybound, but then pivoted. Rather than spam everyone I know, I emailed two groups of people. Those who love me and those whom I’m in community with at church.
  • I asked small: “Join me with a contribution of $5 or more.” This way the barrier of entry is so low, everyone can say yes. (And nobody actually gave only $5.)
  • I used the “promote via email” button on the left and drafted an email to my contacts. It was personal (see below).

Dear ….

I am participating in the Every Angeleno Counts 5K & Festival supporting Homeboy Industries because I am part of this amazing community that helps men and women with criminal pasts to develop the strength to change their own lives, and thus the trajectory of the lives of their kids.

I have ponied up $250 in support of the campaign below and am asking you to join me with a contribution of $5 or more. Please say yes and click here to give:

Every Angeleno Counts, and every dollar counts when it comes to creating a community of strength in support of the lives of people that Homeboy helps.

If you give, I promise you baked goods or BBQ (from my husband) the next time I see you.

With deepest thanks,

  • When I was finished, I just hit send.


STEP 2 - Facebook Update through Rallybound – Hour 1

STEP 3 – Check my Rallybound page regularly and then respond accordingly.

  1. When I was $100 away from my $500 goal, I raised it to $600…then $750…then $1,000…and then to $1,250.  I wanted people to feel like they could make a real impact in helping reach my goal, but then raised it so more people could help me reach a larger goal.
  2. In the Rallybound My Fundraising Report, I could send a quick thank you email to everyone who contributed. SOOOO EASY.

STEP 4 - Facebook Update through Rallybound – Hour 23




I’m now DONE with my fundraising. I could probably do more, but think that a 24-hour campaign is good and doesn’t wear anyone out.

Want help with your campaign? Drop me a line. I’m happy to walk you through what I did.

With heart.

Jacki Weber, Chief Development Officer, Homeboy Industries.



Find out how she raised $1,000 for the #Homeboy5k in ONE DAY! You can do it too!

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