4 Reasons Why Kadoety Parks Is A Team Captain

Created on Tuesday, 28 Apr 2015 00:05:24

Homeboy supporters from all over Greater Los Angeles are building their teams for the Every Angeleno Counts 5k & Festival. Here are the top 4 reasons why Kadoety Parks will be a Team Captain this year:


1. Positive Impact

“I’m recruiting my girlfriends. I have a lot of girlfriends!” she says with a laugh. “We get together once a month and we have a ladies’ night. It’s a sisterhood; we have a positive impact on each other.”


2. It’s “such a good time!”

It was a girlfriend who first told Kadoety about the 5K. “I have a friend, Carmen, who’s a member of the Los Angeles Derby Dolls [women’s roller derby team]. The team participated in the walk last year, and in previous years they volunteered. Carmen told me about it and that’s what sparked my interest. I didn’t know anything about it, but she had such a good time and that’s the reason I got involved.”


3. Inspired by Father Greg 

Kadoety is a substance abuse counselor who grew up in El Monte. She has been following Homeboy Industries for years. “I read Father Greg’s book Tattoos on the Heart back when I was studying at Mt. San Antonio College. It inspired me. I remember I cried. I cried every chapter! One of my fellow students told me he worked at Homeboy Industries. He brought my book to Father Greg, who autographed it. Now I use the book in the classes I teach to my clients.”


In addition to Father G’s book, Kadoety finds inspiration in Homeboy’s Thought of the Day videos, available on YouTube and the Homeboy website.  “The videos! The videos are great,” she says. “They’re so candid. You get a real person’s view, right where they are at the moment. I love them.”


4. Every Angeleno Can Do It 

Kadoety encourages anyone considering signing up for the 5K to jump in and do it. “I really don’t run, but I speed walk. If you’re going to walk, just start with a mile and then two and three. And as you progress, make sure to hydrate a lot!” But fun is the name of the game. “Just focus on having fun because that’s the most important thing. Don’t get tied up in how many miles, just do your best. At the end of the day, we can say we did our best! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.” [Besides.. even if you don’t want to run or walk you can still enjoy the art, music, and other festivities!]


Homeboy Industries’ mission resonates with Kadoety. “I really believe in everything that Homeboy has done for the community,” she says. “I see what a positive influence Homeboy Industries has, and I’ll do whatever I can to help.”


Click here to learn more about becoming a team captain for the 5K on October 24, 2015

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